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Future of healthcare

Could personalized healthcare reinvent medicine?

Big data, digitization, and advances in AI are helping doctors tailor treatment to patients like never before.

The digital age is proving to be an era of personalization. With social media, we can personalize the news we consume; new manufacturing technologies let us personalize our clothes; artificial intelligence lets streaming services serve up recommendations. Healthcare, too, is becoming more personalized.

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This trend has been enabled by the twin revolutions of big data and digitization. The abundance of data from various sources — together with groundbreaking technologies developed to harness it — is enabling doctors to make more nuanced, earlier diagnoses and administer finer-tuned treatments, helping them to give patients tailored care.

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Personalized medicine can be the answer to some of the biggest healthcare challenges around the world. We have both the responsibility and the tremendous potential to improve the lives of more people in more places.”


–Brett Wall, Executive Vice President and President, Neuroscience portfolio

A photo of Medtronic EVP and President Neuroscience Portfolio Brett Wall.