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How integrating healthcare technology across the care continuum can improve outcomes and reduce variability

Variability and uncertainty rule our healthcare industry more than they should. The patient care pathway is already complicated enough — and complex, costly conditions can stretch your health system to its limits. On top of clinical considerations, health systems must compete and invest in cutting-edge therapies and technologies to stand out. These investments, however, can feel like major risks when not backed by significant clinical evidence. 


To deliver optimal care, uncertainty needs to be limited in any health system. It starts with designing and rigorously testing healthcare technology solutions. By closely partnering with you and using data to glean actionable insights, our solutions can work seamlessly with your health system.

Together, we help you put patients first and achieve better outcomes in four ways.

The world’s most complex and challenging health conditions require cutting-edge technology solutions. Decades of building trust across the industry have made us a preferred partner and industry leader across categories such as cardiovascular, neuroscience, and surgical service lines. We keep pioneering new approaches to solve our customer’s greatest pain points and bring forward better approaches to patient care, with over $2.5 billion in R&D spend across over 300 clinical trials in 2021. We continually expand our R&D efforts across the globe to tap into the power of local innovators. With more than 11,000 scientists and engineers and an engineering mindset in everything we do, we relentlessly pursue clinically viable, patient-safe answers to unmet healthcare needs.

By considering the holistic patient journey, clinicians are empowered to deliver personalized care — and the right therapy at the right time. Because there is rarely a single solution to challenging health conditions, we do more than provide stand-alone products. Our experts can draw on our wide array of solutions to connect multiple points across the care continuum. One example: For stroke care, we partner with healthcare professionals to pinpoint gaps in processes and offer solutions, from detection to intervention and post-stroke monitoring. And we support the integration of those systems across your teams to maximize outcomes and reduce inefficiencies, finding points to connect data and training clinicians.

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Our partnership with Spectrum Health uses data to directly track the impact of Medtronic therapies on both patient outcomes and costs. One example of this effort is our work to automate the identification of readmission events in patients who receive a Medtronic cardiac resynchronization therapy device with the AdaptivCRT™ algorithm. Through this program, these readmission events can be more easily administered under an existing financial accountability program. This is just one way we use the power of data to create insights to potentially lower costs and improve outcomes.

One way to reduce variability in a health system is by standardizing procedures and therapies, allowing clinicians to hone their skills on a particular technology. This leads to greater proficiency — and, as a result, a more efficient network. Rather than training across multiple operating room systems, clinicians can use our comprehensive suite of products. From cardiac care to neurovascular therapies and our surgical portfolio, the solutions we offer help you create consistency and efficiencies across a range of clinical areas.

When it comes to delivering proper care, operational continuity is critical. Medtronic has invested heavily in our supply chain to provide seamless transactions and smooth deliveries for your health system. With our new operating unit model and new supply chain leadership, we’re connecting over 65,000 partners across 134 countries into a solid, reliable system. That way, you can stay focused on providing the care your patients count on.

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With our new operating model, I think we really have an opportunity to take advantage of our scale, and better serve customers and patients.”

–Greg Smith, Executive Vice President of Global Operations and Supply Chain
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Medtronic is driven to engineer and deliver the best solutions for patients and providers. By better understanding your system’s unique pain points, we can attune our portfolio of leading therapies, technologies, and solutions to fit your needs. We find ways to integrate our therapies into your care continuum where they can drive the most impact. The results? Less variability and a more effective path to better patient outcomes.