Invention Submission

If you have an idea or invention you believe may be of interest to Medtronic for evaluation, this brochure describes a procedure for submitting it to Medtronic.


The patentability of any invention is subject to legal requirements. Among these legal requirements is the timely submission of an application. If you believe you have invented something, then you should consult an attorney to understand the laws concerning the protection of an invention through a patent. The United States reformed its regime of patent laws through the America Invents Act, which became fully effective March 16, 2013. Under this new regime, the United States protects applicants who are the "first inventor to file." The net effect of this new regime is to put a duty on applicants for patents to not delay and put their rights to a patent at risk. Submission of your invention to Medtronic does not protect any rights you might have to a patent for your invention. By submitting your invention to Medtronic you hereby waive any and all claims relating to any loss of rights to file a patent application or secure a patent due to any delays by Medtronic during the evaluation period of your submission. Please consult with an attorney to understand the laws and standards for protecting your invention through a patent(s). Medtronic encourages you to file a patent application on your invention with the United States Patent and Trademark Office before submitting your invention to Medtronic for evaluation.

Please send your invention submission with the signed Medtronic Outside Submission Agreement, the enclosed Invention Disclosure form, and any attachments to:

Email submissions may be sent to: