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Healthcare technology

The power of personalized healthcare

We create patient-centered solutions that improve lives.

Advances in healthcare technology are giving people more personalized treatment choices than ever. Choices that help them spend more time doing what they love and less time worrying about their medical conditions. With hyper-personalization and advanced computing, our healthcare technology focuses on each patient — adapting to their lifestyles to improve outcomes.

Patient-centered care delivers the right solutions to the right place at the right time. Consider our partnership with Amazon to deliver pill-sized cameras to patients’ doorsteps. The technology uses the power of artificial intelligence to personalize diagnoses in remote endoscopy procedures. For those with chronic pain, diabetes, and heart disease, new treatments and advanced therapies offer more options tailored to the needs of individual patients. And with digital technology such as remote monitoring and Bluetooth™*-enabled implantable medical devices, we’re transforming how patients and their providers stay connected.

Healthcare should be a deeply personal experience. And with healthcare technology, it can be. We create patient-centric solutions that are safe, effective, and equitable. Our healthcare technology adapts to fit patients’ lifestyles while delivering the best possible outcomes. And it empowers clinicians to diagnose and treat conditions earlier, contributing to healthier, stronger communities around the world.

For patients coping with complex and challenging medical conditions, time outside a physician’s office or hospital is precious. That’s why we developed our latest sacral neuromodulation system for incontinence to last for 15 years, giving patients more time between surgeries and appointments. The system includes technology that allows a patient to have an MRI scan with an implantable device and access to a “smart” patient programmer so they can adjust their therapy or receive help without having to go to a doctor’s office. Shamay Bullington, an active mother of twins, was among the first people in the United States to receive the system. She is now living her best life, “And it’s a beautiful thing,” Shamay says.

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Personalized treatment means treatment for you. Technologies that understand that your disease is different than somebody else’s and warrants a specific treatment are transforming healthcare as we know it.”


–Brett Wall, Executive Vice President and President, Neuroscience Portfolio at Medtronic

A photo of Medtronic EVP and President Neuroscience Portfolio Brett Wall.

When it comes to caring for people, innovation alone is not enough. We create healthcare solutions that help patients return to their regular activities. Like a pain management therapy that helped a grandmother get back to her active lifestyle. Or a stroke treatment that had a significant impact on one young mother. And then there’s our smart insulin pen system which helps patients with diabetes balance their condition with the demands of everyday life.

Until recently, people who suffer from chronic pain had few alternatives that eliminated the cause or managed the symptoms. We are working to change that. Already, we offer spinal cord stimulation and targeted drug delivery therapies proven to help treat pain. We recognize the fact that patients have different needs, which is why one of our implantable neurostimulators automatically adjusts therapy as a patient moves, delivering a personalized pain treatment based on seven unique body positions.

Medtronic patient Rebecca Clements dances with her husband.

Rebecca Clements loved to dance with her husband. But chronic, debilitating back pain eventually left her immobile and dependent on morphine. After having a device implanted for spinal cord stimulation, the positive effects were immediate for Rebecca, who has now resumed some of her favorite activities — including dancing. “It’s just amazing,” she says. “I walked into the hospital [leaning] on my cane and walked out holding it.”

Innovation is at the core of what we do. We are inspired to run with our best ideas, especially when they make life easier for patients. Our people-centered solutions are designed to fit patients’ lifestyles and lead to better outcomes. With the power of personalized healthcare technology, patients can receive the right solutions at the right place at the right time.

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