Patient stories

Deborah's story

"I can't thank enough to the people who've spent their time to develop something that completely changes people's lives because it changed mine."

Wendi's story

"Life before the spinal cord stimulator was very bleak and very dull. But my life now is pretty darn amazing."


Mike's story

"I’ve had 80 to 85% pain reduction with SCS. I didn’t think something this simple could work… but it works."


Scott's story

"My quality of life today versus what it was before I had the [SCS] stimulator put in, is like night and day. A lot of the activities that I used to enjoy are back in my life now."

Farrah's story

"[With SCS therapy for diabetic peripheral neuropathy] I can go on walks. That in itself is a big deal… and do different things with my kids that I was unable to before. My outlook improved dramatically on the future."


Sandra and Jay’s story

"Through [the] Vanta spinal cord stimulator, Medtronic has given me a chance to live a normal life, and to watch Jay [my husband, who has the same neurostimulator] be able to pick up our grandson…that to me is everything." (Sandra)

Bryan’s story

“Having the stimulator has relieved the burden
from my mind of constantly having to worry about
my pain."

Every patient experience is unique. Not everyone who receives Medtronic neurostimulation therapy will experience the same results.

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