Percept™ family with BrainSense technology

Medtronic has engineered the most advanced DBS system that is adaptable to your individual needs.

Only the Medtronic DBS Percept™ family utilizes BrainSense™ technology to capture and record real-time brain signals related to your symptoms. This sensing capability allows your clinician to see your brain activities at the exact time you are experiencing symptoms (even when symptoms occur outside of an office visit). As a result, your stimulation can be personalized and adapted by your clinician to optimize therapy and minimize side effects.

Percept™ PC neurostimulator

Designed for
People who are looking for all the benefits of the Percept™ family without the need to periodically recharge their neurostimulator.

Features a thinner, curved design.

Battery life
Experience a low maintenance battery with an expected 5 years of service life§ without ever having to recharge.

With the PC option, the neurostimulator does not require recharging.

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Designed for
People who are looking for all the benefits of the Percept™ family with a long-lasting battery, and don't mind periodically recharging their neurostimulator.

Features the smallest and thinnest rechargeable DBS neurostimulator available.||

Battery life
Count on at least 15 years of service life with consistent stimulation and fast recharge performance. Medtronic patented battery technology has less battery fade than other rechargeable devices for a more reliable, long-lasting battery.

Experience rapid recharging from 10% to 90% full charge in less than 1 hour.Ω The typical number of days before needing to recharge can be up to 9 to 12 days.†† If charging daily, recharging can take as little as 15 minutes.‡‡

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The Medtronic DBS difference

Medtronic has the most implanted deep brain stimulation (DBS) systems in the world1 and has helped over 180,000 people1 across our indications with our innovative, life-changing therapy.

Medtronic DBS with the Percept™ family is ready to support you through your DBS journey with the most advanced DBS system.

  • The only DBS system powered by BrainSense™ technology that enables clinicians to personalize and adapt therapy to your individual needs.
  • Designed small for comfort – with the thinnest recharge-free and rechargeable DBS neurostimulators available.ΩΩ
  • Access to 1.5T and 3T MRI with ability for DBS therapy to remain on during an MRI scan.§§ DBS devices from other companies require DBS stimulation to be turned off.2
  • Ready for future advancements when software updates become available.
  • Choice of recharge-free (PC) or rechargeable (RC) battery options.

More than
people worldwide1
have received
Medtronic DBS therapy

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† The sensing feature of the Percept™ PC system and Percept™ RC system is intended for use in patients receiving DBS where chronically recorded bioelectric data may provide useful, objective information regarding patient clinical status. The majority of patients with Parkinson’s disease have an identifiable signal.

‡ As compared to Boston Scientific Vercise Genus™ P16. MP92328632-05 REV B. As compared to St. Jude Medical Infinity™ 5/7 IPG. ARTEN600150429 B.

§ For median energy use in DBS for PD patients, with moderate (up to 2 months per year) BrainSense™ technology usage.

|| Percept™ RC is over 30% smaller than the Boston Scientific Vercise Genus™ R16. (Medtronic data on file)

¶ The Boston Scientific Vercise Genus™ R16 has a variable 5–15 years of service life, depending on the stimulation settings and conditions (Vercise™ Deep Brain Stimulation Systems Information for Prescribers MP92366224-01 Rev G, accessed December 18, 2023)

Ω For implant depths of up to 2.0 cm under normal conditions.

†† 50th percentile usage will typically have 12 days between required recharges and 80th percentile usage is expected to have 9 days between required recharges (100% to 0%) with sensing OFF.

‡‡ With sensing ON at 80th percentile therapy settings for implant depth of 1 cm.

§§ MR Safety Triangle Under specific conditions. Refer to product labeling for full list of conditions: manuals.medtronic.com/mri/region.

ΩΩ As compared to Boston Scientific Vercise Genus™ R16 and Vercise Genus™ P16. MP92328632-05 REV B. As compared to St. Jude Medical Infinity™ 5/7 IPG. ARTEN600150429 B.


Medtronic data on file.


 Abbott™ and Boston Scientific™ DBS systems are 1.5T MR conditional and stimulation cannot remain on during an MRI scan. ImageReady™ MRI Guidelines for Boston Scientific Deep Brain Stimulation Systems MP92438760-05 Rev A, accessed December 18, 2023. Abbott MRI Support DBS Full Systems, accessed December 18, 2023.