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LIVING WITH DBS THERAPY DBS Therapy for Parkinson’s Disease


Now that you're receiving DBS therapy, it's time to get back to your life! By choosing Medtronic, you've joined the more than 175,000 people benefiting from decades of research, innovation, and experience in DBS therapy.

DBS therapy for Parkinson's is a big step towards living a more independent life.

  • Under your doctor's guidance, you will be able to gradually return to most activities.
  • DBS will have minimal impact on your daily activities, the clothes you can wear, or how you travel.
  • DBS delivers therapy 24 hours a day, so it will be working to control your symptoms when you wake up first thing in the morning.
  • DBS doesn't require any maintenance from you (except for recharging if you have a rechargeable system).


Medtronic DBS systems use a variety of programmers and/or a wireless recharger depending on the therapy chosen by your clinician. For user guides and videos about your specific system, follow the link below.

Patient Programmer


Be sure to attend all the scheduled checkups with the doctor who manages your DBS therapy. Tell your doctor if your Parkinson's symptoms have changed. Your doctor will:

  • Make sure that your DBS system is working properly.
  • Adjust your stimulation to best control your symptoms.
  • Check the battery of your neurostimulator to see when you will soon need a device replacement.


Tell your doctor about your symptoms and how the treatment is working. In most cases, your doctor can adjust the settings to improve symptom control.

As Parkinson's progresses and your symptoms change, your doctor will continue to adjust the settings of your DBS system to maximize symptom relief while minimizing side effects.

If a problem should develop with your DBS system, your doctor will evaluate whether it needs to be repositioned, replaced, or removed.


When you have Medtronic DBS Therapy , our world-class support team is always available to ensure you are getting the most out of your therapy. Our representatives are located all over the United States so you’re never far from someone who can help.

  • As always with your medical care, your doctor should be your first call. We support your doctor with 24/7 technical support, training, therapy updates, extensive online resources, and local Medtronic representatives.
  • Call our Patient Services if you have questions or issues related to your DBS system. 
  • Our online directory of neurologists who specialize in Parkinson’s and DBS therapy will continue to be a great resource if you move or travel.

Find a Doctor

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  • If you or your loved one are currently a Medtronic DBS patient and have questions, please call Medtronic Patient Services at 800-510-6735, Monday–Friday 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. CT.
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