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Frequently asked questions

MyCareLink Smart™ Monitor

MyCareLink Smart reader

1. What do the lights on the reader mean?

  • Amber light: Reader batteries are low.
  • Green light: Connection is established between the reader and implanted device.
  • Solid blue light: Bluetooth® connection is established between the reader and smartphone or tablet.
  • Blinking blue light: Bluetooth® connection is not established between the reader and smartphone or tablet.
MyCareLink Smart reader shown from the front view of the light indicators

2. How many interrogations or transmissions can occur before the MyCareLink Smart reader batteries will need to be replaced?

The reader is designed to provide several transmissions on fresh batteries. The condition and quality of batteries vary; thus, the number of transmissions before the amber battery indicator is triggered will vary as well.  

TIP: Take the batteries out after each use. For each additional use, insert the batteries and turn on the reader, and wait for approximately 10 seconds. If the amber indicator light is on, the reader batteries are low. Replace the batteries when the amber indicator is on.  

3. After the user presses the gray button once, the MyCareLink Smart application (app) continues to animate and instruct the user to press the button. Should the user press the button again?

No. The finger animation on mobile devices may be seen several times after pressing the button once. The MyCareLink Smart app is searching for the reader via Bluetooth® in order to establish a Bluetooth® connection. This may take several seconds because the MyCareLink Smart app is going through the mobile device operating system for this process.

4. What happens if the button on the reader is pressed multiple times?

Nothing will happen. Repeated button pressing will not impact the interrogation or transmission process.

5. How long does the reader remain on?

The reader will time out and power down if:

  • The reader sits idle (no communication from the MyCareLink Smart app) for two minutes.
  • Bluetooth® pairing is not completed within five minutes.
  • The security code is not properly entered within five minutes.

Same household

6. If two people in the same household (each member has a Medtronic implanted heart device) would like to use the MyCareLink Smart monitor system, do they need two readers?

Yes, each Medtronic implanted device is paired to one reader only.

Note: If the users only have one mobile device and use the same app, they will need to re-pair their reader each time they transmit.

7. Is the reader paired one-to-one to an implanted device? For example, what if there are multiple people with Medtronic implanted devices in a nursing home?  

Yes, it is required that every person receive his or her own individual reader and that reader is paired one-to-one to their implanted device.

Note: When multiple readers are available for pairing, the user will be prompted by the MyCareLink Smart app to select a reader by serial number. See Example 1.

Mobile phone with two MyCareLink Smart readers and a question mark to choose from a list of serial numbers

Example 1

8. How does a family member or caregiver know if a transmission was successful (assuming they have the app on their phone, for someone else to use)?

What if multiple family members assist; will they be able to check when the last transmission occurred?

The screen snap, Example 2, shows the last transmission sent on “this” mobile device of the MyCareLink Smart app home screen. The date of the last transmission would be associated with the last time this specific mobile device was used. They would not be able to view if a transmission occurred on a different mobile device. If multiple family members are helping and using their own mobile device, checking the MyCareLink Connect™ website would be the best way of knowing when the last transmission occurred. This option is limited to four friends or family members.

Mobile phone with MyCareLink Smart app on screen with a date on the bottom with check mark

Example 2


9. How large is the MyCareLink Smart app?  

The app will take up approximately 50–120 MB of storage on your phone.

10. How much data does each transmission use?   

Each transmission sent is comparable to sending one email. If you are connected to Wi-Fi, no data from your data plan will be used.

11. Can I use my smartphone during the interrogation or transmission?  

When answering an incoming call or opening a text message, the interrogation session or transmission will be interrupted. If you interrupt the interrogation by answering a call or opening a text message, you will need to repeat the interrogation.

12. What happens if an incoming call comes during the transmission?

If you answer the call after the implanted device interrogation portion, then the app will attempt to transmit the data to the CareLink™ network in the background.

13. What if I lose my mobile device? Is there a data security issue?   

Security encryption channels have been established through each step of the transmission process. Your mobile device does not store/save implanted device diagnostic data or protected health information (PHI) on the mobile device, so there is not a concern regarding MyCareLink Smart monitoring if the mobile device is lost. After your implanted device diagnostic data is transmitted, no implanted device data remains on your mobile device. If the checkmark is not received on the mobile device indicating that a transmission was made to the CareLink network, the data is deleted on the mobile device after 15 minutes.

14. What if I change or buy a new smartphone or tablet?

Follow the installation and setup instructions as if you had just received the reader for the first time. Follow the same procedure as initial setup.

15. How will I receive notifications of software or reader updates?

All updates to the reader software (firmware) come through the installed MyCareLink Smart app. If there is an app update available, you will be prompted to download the update before starting your transmission. If there is a firmware update available, that will happen automatically. The screen (shown in example) will appear on the phone or tablet, and will take approximately three minutes to complete.

MyCareLink Smart reader on a cellphone screen with a settings icon and a green arrow circling it

Available resources for the MyCareLink  Smart monitor

Patient resources

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Medtronic Stay Connected 
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U.S. mail:
Medtronic Heart Rhythm Patient Services
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MyCareLink Connect website:
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