ABOUT THE THERAPY Melody Transcatheter Pulmonary Valve

Treats Narrowed or Leaking Pulmonary Valve Conduits and Surgical Valves Without Open-heart Surgery

The goal of Melody™ transcatheter pulmonary valve (TPV) therapy is to restore pulmonary valve function while delaying your next open-heart surgery as long as possible.

Melody TPV therapy treats narrowed or leaking pulmonary valve conduits
and surgical valves between the heart’s right pumping chamber and the lungs without open-heart surgery. With Melody TPV therapy, a thin, hollow tube (catheter) with a specially designed heart valve inside is inserted into a vein and pushed up to your heart. The heart valve is from a cow’s vein that has been attached to a wire frame.

When it is time for you to get the new valve, it is placed onto a catheter and guided through your vein to your heart where the new valve will replace the old one. Your new valve will then be able to help your heart pump blood correctly.

Melody TPV Therapy Benefits
Restored pulmonary valve conduit or surgical valve function1
  • Relief of narrowing (stenosis)
  • Relief of leaking (regurgitation)
Increased pulmonary valve conduit lifespan1
  • Delay of a patient’s next open-heart surgery

Melody TPV is a different option to take care of a leaky or narrowed connection between the heart and lungs for children and adults. Melody TPV therapy does not replace open-heart surgery but is meant to delay the need for the next surgery.

When Melody TPV Therapy Is Not an Option

Patients with active endocarditis, a significant obstruction of the central veins, or a venous anatomy unable to accommodate the 22 Fr size Ensemble II delivery system should not be considered candidates for Melody TPV therapy. See Additional Warnings and Precautions for conditions where safety of the Melody TPV has not been proven.

Your heart doctor can help you decide if Melody TPV therapy may be right for you.


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