Evaluating and getting an InterStim™ system

For bladder and bowel control

Learn how you can try the InterStim™ system before you commit and what it’s like to get the device if you move forward with long-term therapy.

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Tried pills and exercises? Still running to the bathroom? Find out if the InterStim™ system may be right for you.

Start with an InterStim system evaluation

With the InterStim™ system, you can try the therapy for about a week before you decide whether or not to have a device implanted for long-term care.

During the trial, leads are placed near the nerve that communicates with your bladder and bowel. Our evaluation leads are engineered with advanced coil technology that keeps them in place as you go about your daily activities. You wear a belt with an external device and record your symptoms during the evaluation phase. Based on your results, you and your health care provider will decide next steps. 

Complications can occur with the evaluation, including movement of the wire, technical problems with the device, and some temporary pain. Your doctor or nurse will provide you with the information regarding how to operate the test device and inform you of other precautions related to the evaluation and activity restrictions.

About the MyJourney app

Start your InterStim evaluation with the support of our MyJourney app—your companion for education and symptom tracking. Talk to your doctor to learn more.

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InterStim™ rechargeable and nonrechargeable devices

Choosing your device 

If your test is successful, you and your health care provider will discuss which InterStim system is right for you, based upon your needs and lifestyle.

InterStim X™ device with quarter

InterStim X recharge-free system


  • No device recharge needed
  • Over 10 years of therapy under expected therapy setting and telemetry use, and may last up to 15 years at low therapy settings
  • Device size: 12.5 cm3
  • No routine maintenance
  • Proprietary SureScan™ MRI technology allows 1.5 and 3T full-body scans when certain conditions are met*
Medtronic InterStim Micro System next to a quarter to represent size.

InterStim Micro rechargeable system


  • Powered by Overdrive™ technology that delivers superior performance vs traditional lithium ion batteries used by other manufacturers
  • Battery life: 15 years under standard patient settings
  • Device size: 2.8 cm3
  • Weekly recharging in approximately 20 minutes
  • Proprietary SureScan™ MRI technology allows 1.5 and 3T full-body scans when certain conditions are met*

Components and accessories

Smart programmer, communicator

A sample homs screen of the Smart Programmer ISX

Components and accessories

Smart programmer, communicator, recharger, charging dock, recharging belt

InterStim™ Micro components case

Getting an InterStim device: what to expect 

A neurostimulator device will be attached to a lead and implanted under the skin. The system will deliver a gentle stimulation to the nerves that help control your bladder and bowel symptoms. 

In addition to risks related to surgery, complications can include pain at the implant sites, new pain, infection, lead (thin wire) movement/migration, device problems, undesirable changes in urinary or bowel function, and uncomfortable stimulation (sometimes described as a jolting or shocking feeling). Talk with your doctor about ways to minimize these risks.

After InterStim system surgery

Once the InterStim™ system is placed, you and your health care provider will work together to adjust your stimulation settings if needed. These adjustments can be made using your smart programmer. Learn more about programming and maintaining your device.

Are you a candidate for InterStim™ therapy?

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Under certain conditions; see approved labeling for details. Patients with InterStim™ SureScan™ MRI leads only.

Under standard patient therapy settings and appropriate recharger placement.

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