Medtronic HVAD™ Learning Center Videos 

Instructional videos for you to reference

Using the HeartWare® Convertible Patient Pack 

Watch this video to review how to use and care for your convertible patient pack. 

Using the HeartWare Shoulder Pack

This video is designed to walk you through the use and care of your shoulder pack.

Using the HeartWare Waist Pack

This video demonstrates how to use and care for your waist pack.

Using the HeartWare Shower Bag

After getting permission to shower from your clinician, watch this video to review the use, care of, and tips for showering with your HeartWare shower bag.

Living with an LVAD patient video

Watch this educational video designed to help patients and caregivers understand what it’s like to live with the HVAD system.

(This video is also viewable by chapter. See below)

Chapter 1: Understanding the HVAD Pump

Chapter 2: Using the HVAD Controller

Chapter 3: Making Good Connections with Power Sources 

Chapter 4: Making Good Connections with the Driveline

Chapter 5: Using the Batteries and Battery Charger

Chapter 6: Reviewing HVAD Alarms

Chapter 7: Changing to the Backup Controller

Chapter 8: Living with the HVAD System