Right time for
deep brain stimulation (DBS)

Work with your doctor to determine if you may be a candidate for DBS and when the best time to get DBS may be for you.

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Am I a candidate for deep brain stimulation?

You may be eligible for DBS for essential tremor if:

  • You have a tremor in an upper extremity (one arm and hand) due to essential tremor

  • Medications haven’t worked or have caused intolerable side effects such as sleepiness, dizziness, or thinking problems

  • Your tremor is disabling — it is keeping you from doing what you want to do.

Only your doctor can determine if deep brain stimulation is right for you.

Talking to a doctor about DBS

When you’re ready to start the conversation about DBS, look for a neurologist who specializes in treating essential tremor. The right doctor will understand your needs and treatment options, and will be your partner through this journey.

A movement disorder specialist is a neurologist with extra training in movement disorders, like essential tremor. These specialists have experience with the full range of treatment options. Some general neurologists are also experienced in treating essential tremor.

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When talking with your doctor about your essential tremor, be honest about your symptoms and how your treatment is working. Ask about other options you could try. And don’t hesitate to get another opinion.

Find a doctor

who specializes in essential tremor treatment.

Use the online directory to find a doctor in your area.

Information on this site should not be used as a substitute for talking with your doctor. Always talk with your doctor about diagnosis and treatment information.