Bold Innovation for Better Outcomes

Our medical technology makes healthcare
more efficient — and improves people’s lives.


Leading Global Healthcare Technology

Patient and clinician needs are constantly changing, and the pressures of the pandemic and managing chronic diseases have presented new challenges. As the global leader in healthcare technology, we create solutions that improve patient outcomes while reducing the cost of care. It’s innovation with a purpose.


Operating equipment


Technology Drives Healthcare Innovation

Artificial intelligence, robotic-assisted surgery, and data analytics
are creating a bold new era in personalized medicine.



Empowering Patients

People have more treatment choices than ever. So we design healthcare solutions based on the changing needs of clinicians and patients.

Patient using cellphone


Surgeon in operating room


Advances in Robotic-Assisted Surgery

Robotic-assisted surgery is opening new frontiers — and has the potential to standardize procedures and enable minimally invasive surgery.



Dr. Laura Mauri


Telehealth Sparks Collaboration

Smaller devices, more data, and connected healthcare lead to better patient outcomes, says Medtronic Vice President Dr. Laura Mauri, in an MIT Technology Review podcast.



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