The Insight Center contains a collection of original articles and perspectives from world-renowned strategists and practitioners of value-based healthcare, especially curated by Harvard Business Review and sponsored by Medtronic.

These articles examine innovative models from around the world that broaden access to care.



How New Technologies Could Transform Africa’s Health Care System

By Ndubuisi Ekekwe
Could data-driven diagnosis compensate for a shortage of health professionals?

... AI and blockchain could unlock new vistas in Africa’s healthcare ...


3 Entrepreneurs Who Made It Their Mission to Lower Health Care Costs

By Vijay Govindarajan and Mahesh Sriram
Solving the cost crisis in health care requires purpose-driven leadership.

... social heart and business brain ...


How to Accelerate the Adoption of Digital Health Technology

By Omid B. Toloui, Zubin J. Eapen and Sachin H. Jain
A focus on the end user is essential.

... a rigorous focus on the specific needs of the end user ....


Is This the Hospital That Will Finally Push the Expensive U.S. Health Care System to Innovate?

By Vijay Govindarajan and Ravi Ramamurti
Health City Cayman Islands (HCCI) offers first-rate care for 25–40% of U.S. prices.

... U.S. health care providers should pay attention ...


How to Reduce Primary Care Doctors’ Workloads While Improving Care

By David A. Asch, MD, Christian Terwiesch, and Kevin G. Volpp, MD
It is possible.

... to simply increase access to primary care as a way to address delivery challenges is a cop-out.