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Health Care and the Pandemic

As the country continues to grapple with the Covid-19  pandemic, health system leaders are asking, “What comes next?” To address some of the most critical strategic, operational, and financial questions that health care systems are facing as they recover from the pandemic, Medtronic and Harvard Business Review convened a virtual forum series in September 2020 designed for and led by health system leaders focused on Covid-19 recovery.

This three-part series looked at topics such as:

  • Managing during the crisis to keep health systems running productively
  • Safety, operational, and financial considerations during the crisis and recovery
  • What the new normal will look like
  • The current and future state of technology, particularly telehealth
  • How health systems are thinking about the future



Harvard Business Review

SESSION ONE: Reopening, Safety, and Serving Patients in Hospital and Remote Care Settings

Leaders from Mayo Clinic, Spectrum Health, Atrium Health, and Lehigh Valley Health Network, joined HBR and Medtronic on September 10, 2020 to discuss topics addressing:

  • Patient safety protocols, including what's needed to make non-COVID patients feel safe and patient testing
  • Ramp-up of elective procedures, prioritization, and backlogs
  • New tools, including remote telemedicine and virtual diagnostics



SESSION TWO: Productivity, Operations, and Financial Agility

On September 15, 2020, leaders from University of Missouri Health, Johns Hopkins, and Baylor College of Medicine discussed:

  • Issues related to health system productivity, such as managing people, processes, and care delivery support onsite
  • Adjustment to a new normal by an already taxed system, including ramp up of elective procedures; prioritization, staffing, and scheduling; and realigning staff
  • Financial implications and solutions for recovering health systems

SESSION THREE: Staying Open Through Surges and Working with Partners in the New Normal

The last session, on September 22, 2020, was a panel discussion between leaders of Spectrum Health, Northwell Health, and UH Cleveland Medical Center. They joined HBR and Medtronic and discussed the road ahead:

  • Safety and continuity as next waves emerge
  • Elective and non-elective cases
  • Site access and productivity planning
  • Financial sustainability

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