Innovative solutions for fragile lungs

The Puritan Bennett™ NeoMode 2.0 software option helps clinicians provide safe ventilatory support to neonates weighing as little as 300 grams.

The NeoMode 2.0 software was developed expressly for neonates to address the issues most critical to their care and safety, such as accurate breath delivery, responsive triggering, lower elevated oxygen preset for procedures, effective alarm management, and automatic leak compensation.


Solutions and settings for small lungs

The Puritan Bennett™ NeoMode 2.0 software option offers a full spectrum of functionality that helps clinicians effectively ventilate neonatal patients.

This software option includes features that allow clinicians to:

  • Set a tidal volume as small as 2 mL for neonatal patients weighing as little as 300 grams
  • Adjust the ideal body weight (IBW) setting without disconnecting the patient or interrupting ventilation
  • Exercise greater control over the FiO2 setting by temporarily increasing FiO2 by only 20%
  • Deliver effective noninvasive ventilation, including the use of SIMV and CPAP
  • Adjust tidal volume in increments as small as 0.1 cc, when ventilating with volumes between 2 mL and 5 mL

The NeoMode 2.0 software option also enables responsive breath triggering by allowing clinicians to adjust the flow sensitivity from 0.1 to 10 L/min.