Making sense of complex ventilator data

Essential critical care tools — such as patient monitors, IV pumps, and ventilators — can create potentially overwhelming amounts of data for clinicians.

Puritan Bennett™ trending software can help make sense of the complex data. It keeps track of up to 91 monitored parameters for up to 72 hours. Its seven configurations can be set up easily and customized to help clinicians assess the effectiveness of interventions over time.


The Puritan Bennett™ trending software option may help clinicians assess the effectiveness of current therapy.

Trending software offers:

  • Monitored patient data/events for up to 72 hours
  • Up to 89 trended parameters in a drop-down menu
  • Seven presets including the most commonly trended parameters
  • Fast scrolling cursor for quick navigation
  • Graphical and tabular displays
  • Automatic and manually placed event markers
    • Up to 40 events recorded automatically when mode/settings are changed
    • Menu of 26 manual events to mark activities (e.g., suctioning or weaning)

The trending software option can display the most recent settings changes in a 72-hour period.

Note: Events are based on circuit type and not all events are available in all conditions. Refer to Puritan Bennett™ 980 series ventilator operator’s manual for further information.

Order Information

  • †Viewing of all 91 parameters requires installation of the VV+, PAV+™, Respiratory Mechanics, and BiLevel 2.0 software for the Puritan Bennett 980 ventilator.

  • *Proportional Assist and PAV are registered trademarks of The University of Manitoba, Canada. Used under license.