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Our Mission drives us to make our products available to the people who need them — whoever and wherever they are. Medtronic develops healthcare solutions to address global healthcare challenges, reaching people around the globe in ways that reflect market needs and priorities. Focusing on efficient, integrated care, we collaborate with others in healthcare to address the whole patient journey — from awareness, prevention, and diagnosis, to treatment, therapy optimization, and long-term management. But millions still lack access to essential treatment.

Together with partners around the world, we aim to improve clinical and economic outcomes by sharing our technology, services, and resources to reduce barriers to affordable care, strengthen healthcare infrastructure, and build capacity — particularly in the treatment of chronic, noncommunicable diseases. We do this through technology innovation, rethinking traditional business and payment models, and improving healthcare delivery. 


In FY19, our products and services made a global impact — improving the lives of more than 75 million people around the world. We developed affordable, sustainable healthcare models based on value, outcomes, and efficiency. We worked to enhance the patient experience and improve accuracy of treatment by harnessing automation and connectivity. We tested promising innovations using rigorous clinical trials to establish safety and effectiveness.

In FY19, Medtronic:

  • Launched 55 new clinical studies and ran 275+ ongoing studies
  • Invested $2.3 billion in research and development
  • Invested $142 million in capacity building and training for medical professionals, reaching more than 83,000 people
  • Offered a variety of pricing models, including volume pricing or rebate options for hospitals, adaptive pricing for treating long-term conditions, and programs to assist new and existing patients
  • Began partnering with patients, providers, regulators, and others to help disrupt the United States opioid epidemic by raising awareness of alternatives to conventional pain medication and researching clinical and economic evidence of their effectiveness
  • Trained more than 500 healthcare providers and community health workers at more than 65 operational sites, screened more than 700,000 individuals, and improved the clinical and social outcomes for more than 17,000 patients to date through Medtronic Labs. Learn more about Medtronic Labs

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