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Who we are

Engineering the extraordinary

Groundbreaking healthcare technology solutions inspire hope and new possibility in people all over the world.

The most powerful hopes can be simple, ordinary. The father of a child with type 1 diabetes who worries constantly about his son’s blood sugar spiking when he’s at a friend’s house. A woman whose irregular heartbeat may be a sign of concern, not joy. Far too many people struggle profoundly to do things we should all be able to take for granted. Our resolve to improve every single life fuels our desire to make an extraordinary impact as the leader in healthcare technology.

We reimagine the treatment of over 70 of the world’s most complex and challenging conditions. Not for the one, but for the many. Not someday, but this day. By bringing together data, artificial intelligence, and our deep knowledge of the human body, we create something even more extraordinary. In strengthening, lengthening, and saving lives, we restore hope and possibility.

Healthcare Technology

Our approach 

to innovation

With a passion to solve unmet needs, we redefine what’s possible in healthcare technology.

Innovative technology


We fuse technology, a deep understanding of the body, and leading medical science to create never-before-seen solutions. Whether it’s developing less-invasive surgical approaches to minimise a patient's downtime or creating the smallest pacemaker, our potential to transform lives knows no limits.

Insight-driven care


We take insights gleaned from data to make substantial improvements in care, tailoring therapies in real time. And our work on the forefront of technology pushes care forward, such as reimagining robotic-assisted surgery to bring advanced precision and predictability to more people.

People at the centre

Committed to compassion, we make technologies that transform two lives per second — and that's just the start.

Experiences that put people first

Empathy inspires our technologies that smartly adapt to a patient’s lifestyle and don’t get in the way of the things they love to do. We’re working to create adaptive technologies to alleviate patients’ concerns and put control in their hands.

Better outcomes for our world

There is no greater measure of our efforts than the outcomes we enable. For everyone we serve. From better clinical and economic outcomes to societal ones. It motivates us to introduce technologies to underserved regions, dismantle barriers to equity in our communities, and deeply understand the patients and health systems we serve.



Inspiring the extraordinary

Six powerful words have inspired us to do the extraordinary for 60 years and counting: Alleviate pain. Restore health. Extend life. 


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