Making an impact in the Dominican Republic CITIZENSHIP

Employees at a new Santo Domingo facility extend the Medtronic Mission to their communities.

Exterior shot of Medtronic Santo Domingo Manufacturing Plant, with palm trees

October 2018 - On the palm-lined outskirts of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic, a new Medtronic facility produces intricate, implantable high-tech devices used in neurosurgery. The state-of-the-art plant is the company’s fourth in the Dominican Republic.

With operations in more than 150 countries, Medtronic relies on communities around the world, like Santo Domingo, to deliver products and therapies that improve human welfare — bringing hope for patients while boosting the local economy. 


“Businesses like Medtronic provide our community with job security, and the opportunity to grow professionally and personally,” says Virgilio de Pool, a senior manufacturing manager at Medtronic. “There were only 800 employees in the Dominican Republic when I began working for Medtronic 12 years ago. Now there are nearly 4,000.”

Growing up in the Dominican Republic, Virgilio saw firsthand the financial struggles faced by his community. “As a developing country, there are a lot of needs. Without stability, a community cannot thrive.”

Virgilio oversees the day-to-day operations of the newest plant. The development of this facility brings the company’s total investment in the Dominican Republic to more than $160 million, stimulating the local economy through taxes and wages.


Investing in local education has also been a priority for Medtronic. Due to the medical device industry’s growing demand for talent in the country, local universities started developing programs specifically designed to teach technical skills.

Medtronic has played a part in this by advising on curricula to align with the industry’s needs. The company partners with schools through internship programs that support students’ professional development and growth, giving them the opportunity to become Medtronic employees and improving the preparation level of new hires.

Employees from the Medtronic Santo Domingo plant pose in front of a Medtronic sign

“I have a local responsibility. My team here in the Dominican Republic is dedicated to giving our community the opportunity to thrive while also contributing to a person’s health and well-being through the products we manufacture,” explains Virgilio. “That’s pretty amazing.”