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About Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

Normal wear and tear of the joint, trauma, and inflammation can lead to painful walking, sitting, and sleeping.*


What is Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction?

Sacroiliac joints are designed for stability. Dysfunctional Sacroiliac joints can cause pain in the legs, buttocks, groin, and lower back. 


Living with SIJ Dysfunction

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction is an overlooked cause of back pain that can impact people’s quality of life. 


Treatment Options

Treatment options for SI Joint dysfunction include conservative care, such as physical therapy, chiropractic medicine, medications, injections, or surgical options that may be recommended by a doctor.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers you’re looking for in our frequently asked questions section about Sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Speak to your healthcare professional if you have further questions.

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