TOOLS AND INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT Electromagnetic Compatibility Guide

For Implantable Cardiac Devices

Tools and Industrial Equipment

It is important that power tools and/or equipment be in good working order and properly wired and used as intended by the manufacturer of the product. It is recommended that corded electrical items be plugged into a residual-current device (RCD). RCDs are designed to disconnect the circuit if there is a leakage current and may prevent electrocution.

  No Known Risk




If the item is used as intended and in good working condition there is no known risk:




  • Calipers - battery powered
  • Flashlight - battery powered
  • Laser Level
  • Soldering Iron
  • Stud Finder




  Minimal Risk




Maintain at least a 15cm distance between the item and the heart device:




  • Circular Saw - skill saw
  • Drills - battery and electric powered
  • Grinder (hand-held)
  • Hedge Trimmer - electric powered
  • Lawn Mower - electric powered
  • Leaf Blower - electric powered
  • Reciprocating Saw (Sawzall®)
  • Sander
  • Screwdriver - battery powered 
  • Soldering Gun
  • Whipper Snipper - electric powered
  • Woodworking Router




  Special Considerations




Maintain at least recommended distance between the item and the heart device:




30cm Distance




  • Boat Motor
  • Car Battery Charger - 100amps or less
  • Gasoline Ignition Systems - from components of ignition system
  • Gasoline Powered Tools - from components of ignition system (lawn mower, snowblower, Whipper Snipper)
  • Generators - 20kW or less 




60cm Distance




  • Bench Mounted / Free Standing Tools - for motors 400 horsepower or less (air compressor, drill presses, grinder, pressure washer, table saw)
  • Jumper Cables




Not Recommended




  • Chainsaws1
  • Welding Equipment1







Avoid using a chainsaw and / or welding equipment. If required to use, consult your doctor first.