“I hope many patients like me get to lead normal lives again”

Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement gave Dr. Syed Habibur Rahman a Reason to Smile Again

85-year-old, Dr. Syed Habibur Rahman, is a Dental Surgeon in Barisal which is a remote city in the outskirts of Bangladesh. He first encountered chest pain almost a decade ago and their recurrence pushed him to seek immediate consultation with couple of cardiologists. His coronary angiogram revealed he had blockages in three main arteries due to which he had to undergo a risky yet successful bypass surgery. Some months later, despite leading a healthy life, he started experiencing breathlessness and the chest pain came back during morning walks or while climbing stairs.  Few tests and a diagnosis in 2015 revealed that he had a severely stenosed aortic valve which was restricting supply of oxygen rich blood from the heart to different parts of the body. This condition is also known as Aortic Stenosis.

Post diagnosis, the doctors advised him to get his valves replaced immediately. However, going through the traditional route of open heart surgery was ruled out because of his age and keeping in mind his medical condition. Upon further consultation, he was advised to go for Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR).

Dr. Habiur’s two sons, who are doctors themselves, were aware of TAVR therapy and helped their father take a decision along with other family members. After going through series of tests and after fitting into all the prerequisites for the procedure, Dr. Syed Habibur Rahman underwent the procedure in July 2017

The aortic valve replacement through trans-catheter procedure gave him freedom and flexibility in his day to day routine with fewer restrictions than before. With minimally invasive approach through TAVR procedure, he was discharged from the hospital within three days as compared to seven-eight days for open heart surgery and he could resume normal activities without worrying about his prior symptoms within five days from the procedure.

“I’m happy that we now have world class treatment options available in Bangladesh. This gives a chance to many patients like me to lead normal lives without having to incur heavy expenses of going abroad for the same treatment” says Dr. Habibur. 

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