Sr Customer Care Coordinator

Vu la nature internationale de notre entreprise et de nos collaborateurs, les témoignages d'employés sont rédigés exclusivement en anglais.

"Medtronic is an international company which allows its employees to grow, while in the meantime, it strives to be innovative. I’ve seen this sales site grow from a small office to what it is today… a strong and healthy Medtronic organization that strives to offer the best quality of products in order to save lives."

I’ve been working for Medtronic for over twenty years. During all this time, I’ve been working within Customer Care for several businesses. What is great of being part of Customer Care is that we are working closely with all departments of Medtronic, as well as being the direct contact for the customer. We are not only providing service during and after a purchase, but together with the sales force, we are also trying to forecast what a customer may need in the future, following up the consignment levels, and performing a lot of other tasks.

It is hard work each time, and sometimes a race against time, but at the end of the day, it gives such a great feeling that we were able to help our customers and provide them with the necessary tools to help their patients.