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Visia AF and Visia AF MRI

Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators (ICDs) for Tachyarrhythmia Management

Single Chamber ICD + AF Diagnostics

Using the TruAF™ Detection Algorithm, Visia AF MRI™ and Visia AF™ are the only single chamber ICDs that can detect atrial fibrillation (AF) with a traditional lead. Ensure your patients get 1.5T and 3T MRI access with Visia AF MRI, when MR conditions for use are met.

The Need for AF Diagnostics in Single Chamber ICDs

  • AF increases the risk of stroke by up to 5x1
  • AF increases the risk of heart failure by 3x2
  • 79-94% of AF episodes are asymptomatic3-8
  • 68% of AT/AF episodes are missed with annual Holter monitoring8
  • 27% of single chamber ICD patients may also develop new onset AF within the first 6 months post- implant9

TruAF Detection Algorithm

Atrial Fibrillation can conduct into the ventricle resulting in a variable heart rate, which can lead to variability in the timing of the R waves. The TruAF Detection Algorithm monitors R-R variability and looks for patterns, then determines if the variability and pattern are sufficient to meet the classification of AF.

Click to learn more about the TruAF Detection Algorithm and how it works. 

Projected Longevity & Warranty

Projected Longevity*1011 years

Warranty10 years


Projected Life is based on VVI for VR from the manuals of the Visia AF ICD System.11
The Visia AF MRI  and Visia AF models share the same battery, telemetry, and programming features that impact longevity. 

Limited lifetime warranty, some restrictions may apply. The limited lifetime warranty applies to the performance of the device and includes some reimbursement to patients of unreimbursed medical expenses. The warranty is limited to the provisions in the written Limited Warranty document that accompanies each product. Consult the written limited warranty document for details, a copy of which will be provided upon request. 


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