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Stim Bur Guard

Intraoperative Neuromonitoring Accessories


The Stim Bur Guard for the Visao™ high-speed otologic drill is the first and only commercially available surgical tool that combines an electric drill with stimulation for nerve monitoring. It works with our NIM™ nerve monitoring systems to alert you of the bur’s proximity to the facial nerve during otologic procedures.*

 The Stim Bur Guard provides stimulating current to our otologic burs in both static and dynamic modes. Stimulating the nerve while the bur is in use can offer approximately 1-3 mm of advance warning of facial nerve proximity. If nerve function changes, the NIM system provides visual and audible warnings to alert you.

You can use the Stim Bur Guard with or without irrigation, and numerous bur types are available. See the ENT Product Catalog for a complete selection of our otologic burs.


Nerve monitoring capability provided by NIM™ nerve monitoring systems, models 2.0 and later. Must be used with Visao™ high-speed otologic drill and Integrated Power Console (IPC®) system.


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