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Closeup of the Percept PC neurostimulator for deep brain stimulation.

With the only commercially available sensing technology in deep brain stimulation (DBS), the Percept™ DBS platform ushers in a new of era of DBS therapy for Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor, dystonia, and epilepsy.*


Product Details


Activa RC and Activa SC neurostimulators

The Activa™ RC and Activa™ SC neurostimulators are full-body MR Conditional with advanced programming options.


Product Details


Activa RC Neurostimulator for deep brain stimulation

The Activa RC neurostimulator is the first rechargeable deep brain stimulation device and is the thinnest device available from Medtronic today with 15-year longevity‡. This dual-channel device is capable of delivering bilateral stimulation.



Activa SC Neurostimulator for deep brain stimulation

The Activa SC neurostimulator is a single-channel device with a daily maintenance-free battery that provides predictable longevity. It is the smallest nonrechargeable device in the Activa portfolio or deep brain stimulation from Medtronic.



Activa PC Neurostimulator for Deep Brain Stimulation

The Activa PC neurostimulator is a dual-channel device capable of delivering bilateral stimulation with a single device. Activa PC contains a nonrechargeable battery and microelectronic circuitry to deliver a controlled electrical pulse to precisely targeted areas of the brain.



As of November 2020.

Medtronic DBS systems are MR Conditional and safe in the MR environment as long as certain conditions are met.  If the conditions are not met, a significant risk is tissue lesions from component heating, especially at the lead electrodes, resulting in serious and permanent injury including coma, paralysis, or death.  Refer to the MRI Guidelines for Medtronic Deep Brain Stimulation Systems for a complete list of conditions. 

Patients who had long charge times with 37651 Medtronic Implantable Neurostimulator Recharger (due to tilt, implant depth, and other challenges) have the opportunity to experience improvement with the wireless recharger.