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Product and Packaging Disposition

Product and Packaging Disposition

At Medtronic, product stewardship is a key element of our EHS program – the proper handling of products and their packaging disposition is a shared effort between our company and our customers. The separate collection and recycling of electronic, battery or packaging waste will support natural resource conservation and help to protect human health and the environment.

For geography specific information on batteries, packaging or electronic recycling, go to the Recycling tab.

The Contact tab contains business unit contact information for specific questions such as how to safely disassemble our products for recycling.

The Sharps tab has information specific to disposal of medical sharps.

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Recycling Used Electronic Equipment in North America

*Please note that infected medical devices must be disposed of as medical/biohazard waste and cannot be included in used electronic equipment recycling programs. In addition, electronic products involving a complaint must be returned directly to Medtronic for analysis. Contact your medical clinic or Medtronic sales representative for return instructions.

Recycling in Canada

Environment Canada reports that more than 140,000 metric tons of used electronics are sent to Canadian landfills annually. In addition to causing adverse effects to human health and the environment, disposing of used electronics in landfills wastes valuable resources such as aluminum and copper.

Working together to develop resource recovery strategies, Environment Canada, Natural Resources Canada, and Industry Canada encourage the safe management of obsolete electronic equipment. Medtronic customers should check with provincial authorities and local municipalities for recycling opportunities. For further information, please refer to Canada's provincial environmental website.

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Disposal of Medical Sharps

Buy a sharps container from a pharmacy or use an empty laundry detergent bottle with a screw-on lid. Do not store used sharps in glass bottles, aluminum cans, or coffee cans. If you are bringing used sharps to a hospital collection site or using a mail-back program, follow their requirements, which may include use of a purchased sharps container. Always keep all used sharps storage containers out of the reach of children.

Some clinics and hospitals have collection programs for needles, lancets, and syringes used by their patients at home. Ask your healthcare provider if your hospital has a collection program. If so, follow their storage and disposal instructions. Do not bring used needles and syringes to your hospital if they are unable to accept them.

Mail-back disposal programs allow home sharps users to mail used sharps to licensed disposal facilities as a safe disposal option. There is a fee charged for this service.