This will play a video. - What is your stroke IQ?

What's your Stroke IQ?

Would you be able to recognize the signs of a stroke, or know what to do if a loved one was having a stroke?

Answer the following questions to test your stroke IQ:

1.  Which of the following is not an important risk factor for stroke?

a) Insufficient exercise
b) Stress
c) Diabetes
d) Nut allergy

2.  What is the most important action to take if someone is having a stroke?

a) Call  911 
b) Drive them to the nearest hospital   
c) Have a glass of water
d) Check their blood sugar

3.  When it comes to stroke, what does FAST stand for?

a) Fast, Arms, Speech, Therapy
b) Face, Arms, Speed, Treatment
c) Face, Arms, Speech, Time

4. A device called a stent retriever can help remove a blood clot causing ischemic stroke.

a) True
b) False

5. What is atrial fibrillation?

a) A fast, irregular heartbeat
b) Ringing in the ear
c) Fear of roller coasters
d) Dizziness from unknown cause

6. 25 – 40% of ischemic strokes appear to have no determined cause?

a) True
b) False

7. Which of the following methods are used to monitor ischemic strokes with no determined cause?

a) Holter monitor
b) Insertable cardiac monitor
c) Watchful waiting
d) All of the above


1: d, 2: a, 3: c, 4: true, 5: a, 6: true, 7: d