For facilitation of endotracheal tube intubations

Helps reduce friction between stylet and endotracheal tube for easy endotracheal tube insertion and removal.

McGRATH MAC™ Video Laryngoscope and Shiley™ Airway Management Products

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  • Latex-free
  • Made of malleable aluminum covered with a plastic sheath with a lubricated Satin-Slip™ surface
  • Helps reduce friction between stylet and tracheal tube for easy insertion and withdrawal
  • Sheath extends beyond tip to reduce the risk of trauma if the stylet extends beyond tip of tracheal tube



Order Information

Order Information
Order Code Description Unit of Measure Quantity
85863 Shiley™ Intubating Stylet, 6 Fr/Ch (2.0 mm) Box 20
85864 Shiley™ Intubating Stylet, 10 Fr/Ch (3.3 mm)
85865 Shiley™ Intubating Stylet, 14 Fr/Ch (4.7 mm)

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