Cuff pressure management made simple

Manually sustaining stable cuff pressures in ventilated patients can be unreliable. The Puritan Bennett™ cuff pressure manager offers a simple solution to this serious safety issue.

Help protect patients against common and costly tracheal injuries and VAP caused by cuff overinflation and underinflation1–7 with the Puritan Bennett™ cuff pressure manager — a simple and reliable way to monitor and maintain cuff pressure.

Designed for ease of use and ready to support your range of needs, the Puritan Bennett™ cuff pressure manager reduces the manual work of measuring and adjusting cuff pressure with a manometer and syringe.4,6,8

It comes in a portable, compact controller that allows you to quickly inflate and deflate the cuff. Its intuitive interface and large, clear display lets you see cuff pressure measurements from 2 meters away.9 Built-in safety features, such as cuff leakage detection and a filtered extension tube, also safeguard patients from ventilator-associated complications.10

Continuously measured, always managed

With the Puritan Bennett™ cuff pressure manager, you have a simple and reliable way to monitor and maintain cuff pressure in ventilated patients. Explore all the features in more detail in our brochure.

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Reducing the risk of cuff overinflation and underinflation is just one way the Puritan Bennett™ cuff pressure manager can help enhance patient care. Our cuff pressure management solution comes with many other features designed to take the pressure off you.

Order Information
Order Code Description Unit of Measure Quantity
180-03 Cuff pressure manager (cuff pressure manager, mounting rack, battery, and AC/DC adapter) Box 1
180-05 Extension tube (10 pieces) Box 1
PT00095341-SP Rechargeable battery Box 1

Order Information


  • Provides uninterrupted monitoring and management
  • Eliminates need for periodic manual checks
  • Improves adherence to established cuff pressure protocols


  • Cuff leakage detection reduces leakage of accumulated secretions that pool above the cuff10
  • Filtered extension tube provides more than 99.99% filtration efficiency for bacteria and viruses if cuff leaks or breaks11
  • Shut-off valve maintains cuff pressure even if the tube accidentally disconnects from the device12


  • One-click inflation and deflation
  • Versatile mounting system
  • 13 hours of battery life when fully charged
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