Hugo™ RAS System

Go further.

Expand your robotic-assisted surgery (RAS) program with the Hugo™ system.

Designed for surgeons.

Increase confidence and efficiency.

The Hugo™ system brings the best of robotic-assisted surgery without the barriers.

Flexibility and modularity

Moves between ORs and provides greater flexibility across procedures and patients

Comprehensive training

Provides a solid foundation of technical and procedural training to improve skills, confidence, and utilization

Dedicated ongoing support

Backed by expert field engineers, local support, and a global service team

Designed to grow.

While maximizing utilization and driving down the total cost of ownership*

Adding the Hugo™ RAS system to your portfolio brings a wealth of benefits.

Greater flexibility

To help your hospital stay ahead of surgical technology and evolve

Powerful analytics and reporting

To track performance over time and identify opportunities for improvement



To improve efficiency while making robotic-assisted surgery more accessible


Partnership and support

To optimize performance while controlling costs


To attract and retain surgical talent and empower your surgeons to offer the best possible treatments


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