Monitor remotely. Respond proactively.

The Vital Sync™ virtual patient monitoring platform (VPMP) integrates physiological information from your devices and transmits it to your hospital server. This software platform consolidates critical patient information and enables you to access that information via web-enabled devices from wherever you are on the hospital network.

Vital Sync™ VPMP provides the software foundation for the Vital Sync™ monitoring and clinical decision support (CDS) solution. This single platform is designed to help you gain greater value from your medical devices while responding more proactively to your patients’ needs.

Get to Know the Vital Sync™ Monitoring and CDS Solution

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Clinical decision making. Uncomplicated.

Key capabilities

With the Vital Sync™ virtual patient monitoring platform (VPMP), you can:

  • Provide enhanced clinical care with immediate access to smart, actionable data
  • View patient physiological information remotely
  • Receive updates and alerts on any web-enabled device
  • Implement clinical protocols through the use of clinical decision support (CDS) apps

How the platform works

  • Vital Sync™ VPMP software is installed on your hospital’s server.
  • Patient information is transmitted wirelessly from your devices to the server.
  • Vital Sync™ VPMP takes this information and makes it viewable on any web-enabled device on your hospital network.
  • The information is formatted into the HL7 protocol and written into your hospital’s electronic medical records (EMR).

Key benefits

Vital Sync™ VPMP can help you:

  • Gain more value from your medical devices, with:
    • Remote access
    • Alarm forwarding
    • Automated transmission to your EMR
    • Access to clinical reports
    • Enablement of CDS applications
  • Enhance patient safety by enabling remote access to device information, alerts, and alarms
  • Increase clinical efficiency by facilitating collaboration, communication, and documentation
  • Improve hospital economics by:
    • Providing EMR connectivity
    • Supporting connectivity with ADT and alarm-forwarding systems
  • Leveraging your existing hospital network and a software subscription model

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