Designed to help enhance clinical insights and improve workflow1

With remote monitoring, you can view subtle but clinically significant respiratory changes when you are away from the bedside.

Whether it’s across an entire healthcare enterprise, within one hospital, or a single area of care, HealthCast™ Vital Sync™ remote patient monitoring can make the impactful connection you need to help you improve clinical workflow and promote optimal patient safety. HealthCast™ Vital Sync™ remote patient monitoring is designed for:

  • Scalability — virtual platform can be customized and expanded for the needs of the hospital or healthcare enterprise
  • Interoperability — a single hub for additional data to flow into as technology innovation continues to expand
  • Integration — Vocera, Spectralink, Spok, etc.
  • Clinical insight enhancement — versus spot checking1
  • Improving your workflow — the platform helps you save time when planning daily patient care1
  • EMR connectivity — a simple and economical solution to connect your unconnected devices to your EMR and improve your workflow1

Data from BioButton® multi-parameter wearable and Vital Sync™ remote patient monitoring system should not be used as the sole basis for diagnosis or therapy and are intended only as adjuncts to patient assessment.

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