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Transforming the
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About Medtronic India

Marking over four decades of commitment to India, Medtronic has tirelessly supported customers and patients while fostering local partnerships and enhancing healthcare capabilities.

Our transformative innovations have profoundly impacted countless lives, reaffirming our mission to alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life. With an unwavering dedication to addressing health disparities and enhancing patient accessibility, we persist in our journey of innovation, continually transforming lives and bolstering healthcare outcomes across the nation.







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Surgical Robotics
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Inspiring the extraordinary

Six powerful words have inspired us to do the extraordinary for 60 years and counting: Alleviate pain. Restore health. Extend life. 


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Think how easy it is to order an item on Amazon. You click a few buttons and a package arrives the next day. Patients expect healthcare to deliver similar benefits that technology brings to other parts of their lives. That’s why we’re accelerating the development of life-transforming technologies that can help patients manage their conditions. By harnessing the power of AI, data analytics, and sensors, our healthcare technologies are helping clinicians create individualized treatment plans to achieve better outcomes for more people in more places. From the world’s first hybrid closed-loop insulin delivery system to robotic-assisted surgery, these devices are ushering in a new era in patient care. 

People at the Center

Empathy inspires our technologies that smartly adapt to a patient’s lifestyle and don’t get in the way of the things they love to do



Medtronic Engineering & Innovation Center​ (MEIC)

MEIC symbolizes Medtronic’s commitment to R&D and innovation in healthcare. It serves as a technology hub to deliver on our mission. ​


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Better outcomes for our world

There is no greater measure of our efforts than the outcomes we enable. For everyone we serve. From better clinical and economic outcomes to societal ones.


Timely Intervention: Key to Naresh’s complete stroke Recovery


Aortic Stenosis: Restoring Hariharan’s life To normalcy


Congenital Heart Valve : Reviving Sai’s Heart


Type 1 Diabetes: Empowering Shreya with Insulin Pump Therapy