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Getting started with your programmer

You will use your patient programmer to turn your therapy on or off and check the battery. You may also be able to adjust the stimulation within options programmed by your doctor.

  • Your clinician or nurse will show you how to use your programmer. Call your doctor if you need more help or have questions.
  • You will receive a manual with detailed instructions.
  • The Medtronic DBS helpline is here to help you operate or troubleshoot your programmer. Call +44 (0) 1923 205101.

Select your patient programmer below to find out more

Close up of the new DBS Patient Programmer.

Model TH90D01 for PerceptTM PC neurostimulator

Original DBS Activa Patient Programmer

Model 37642 for Activa devices

Patient Programmer for
PerceptTM PC neurostimulator

DBS Patient Programmer for Percept PC neurostimulator

Samsung Handset Programmer

Your PerceptTM PC neurostimulator Patient Programmer is designed with you in mind. 

The patient programmer consists of two components — a programmer and a communicator.

Each features intuitive, consumer-friendly technology designed to help you get the most of your DBS therapy.

The programmer looks like a smartphone — including a large touchscreen and familiar icons — and allows you to optimize your therapy within parameters you set. 

The communicator is a separate piece that synchronizes with the implanted device and provides a safe, smart connection to the programmer handset. 

When you want to adjust therapy settings, turn therapy on or off, or check the neurostimulator’s battery, simply hold the communicator over the implanted device and make your desired changes using the programmer. 


Our new DBS patient programmer is enhanced so you can more easily and conveniently manage your therapy. Read through the smart features below or download the guide for more information.

Event tracker icon


The patient programmer enables you to track your events, such as when you took medication. It can eliminate the need to carry a notebook or diary. Your doctor can see the events you've been logging at your next appointment.

Smart battery icon


You can check how much battery life is left on your device at any time, so you and your doctor will know when to schedule an appointment to replace your neurostimulator.

MRI access icon


Getting an MRI is now even easier for you. Simply check your patient programmer for compatibility and put the device in MRI mode. Because your patient device can perform a check before your scan, you may even be able to leave your stimulation on during the MRI scan.

Patient programmer for ActivaTM devices

Original DBS Activa Patient Programmer

You'll use your DBS  Activa™ Patient Programmer Model 37642 to turn your therapy on or off and check the battery. You may also be able to adjust the stimulation within options programmed by your doctor.


  • Your programmer manual has information about use, maintenance, and troubleshooting. If you have an Activa™ neurostimulator, you’ll also have a quick guide.
  • Your clinician will give you the printed manual for your programmer. 
Download guide

What do the symbols mean?

Your manual explains the symbols displayed on the screen. The chart below is a quick guide to common symbols on the DBS Patient Programmer used with  Activa™ neurostimulators.

Enter Column Header Definition
Programmer Icon 1

Therapy is on.

Programmer Icon 2

Therapy is off.

Programmer Icon 3

Battery is OK.

Programmer Icon 4

Battery is close to depletion.

Programmer Icon 5

Call your clinician. The neurostimulator battery is close to depletion. Therapy will not be available soon. 

Programmer Icon 6

Call your clinician immediately to schedule replacement surgery. The neurostimulator battery is depleted and you neurostimulator is no longer delivering therapy.

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