Potential Benefits Blood Pressure Procedure (RDN)

Lowering your high blood pressure is important. This involves following your doctor’s advice, taking all medication as prescribed and making healthy life choices.
A lot of people with high blood pressure find that lifestyle changes and medication aren’t enough to control their condition.


If you’re like them, you’re probably looking 
for long-term results. The Blood Pressure 
Procedure (RDN) offers another option that 
may help you reduce your high blood pressure.


RDN is not for everyone, so it's important to 
talk with your doctor about the benefits and 
risks. While there are potential benefits of 
the Blood Pressure Procedure, 
there are, as with any procedure, potential risks.

The potential risks as well as complication rates for the Blood Pressure Procedure 
are similar to those associated with other interventional procedures.  

For complete safety information about the Blood Pressure Procedure, please consult your doctor or go to Important Safety Information.


pdf The Blood Pressure Procedure (.pdf)

This guide will give you a high-level overview of how to better manage your high blood pressure.

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