Testimonials Blood Pressure Procedure (RDN)

Below are two stories from patients who elected to have the Blood Pressure Procedure and agreed to share how this procedure affected their quality of life. Medtronic invited these patients to share their stories candidly. As you read the stories, please bear in mind that the experiences are specific to each particular person.


Mary knows the risks of high blood pressure very well — she comes from a family with a long history of heart conditions and has had her own personal struggle with high blood pressure for over 40 years.


“I took back my day-to-day activities.”

Over time she tried to control her blood pressure with different medications, 
but without much success. Headaches and an overall uncomfortable feeling, 
the unpleasant side effects of her medications, and — most importantly — a constant awareness that something serious like a stroke or heart attack could happen at any given time, were part of her day-to-day life. 

After learning about the RDN procedure, Mary was screened by her doctor and was very happy to learn that she was eligible to receive the procedure. It gave her hope that, after all these years, something could still be done to help her better manage her high blood pressure. Mary underwent the Blood Pressure Procedure, which she says changed her life completely. 


Philip’s family suffers from various heart conditions on both sides. Philip himself has suffered from high blood pressure for a while, but he never went to see a doctor, despite his wife’s repeated requests.

Philip's story

"Grab this therapy with both hands."

It was only when a nurse came to his workplace that he asked her to take his blood pressure, upon which she immediately sent him to the doctor. Philip, whose blood pressure levels were critically high, was diagnosed with high blood pressure in the mid-1990s. It was only then that he learned about the severe risks of this condition.

Following the diagnosis, he was put on different medication approximately every two months in an attempt to manage his blood pressure — with little success in lowering his blood pressure. 

After learning about the Blood Pressure Procedure, Philip was very pleased that he was eligible for RDN. Although scared of hospitals, he underwent the procedure with a positive attitude and claimed that contrary to his expectations, he only noticed a slight discomfort. After the procedure, Philip measured his blood pressure twice a day 
for two months and saw his blood pressure go down.

These stories reflect one person’s experience. Not every person will receive the same results. Talk to your doctor about your treatment options.

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