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Cardioblate Navigator

Tissue Dissector

Cardioblate Navigator Tissue Dissector

Cardioblate Delivers Access


Cardiac tissue dissection prior to ablation device placement demands precise control and feedback sensitivity. The Cardioblate® Navigator® Tissue Dissector gives you the ability to navigate complex cardiac anatomies with single-handed control for soft-tissue dissection in hard-to-reach areas.

The Navigator Tissue Dissector complements Medtronic's Cardioblate family of bipolar solutions with enabling technology for stand-alone surgical ablation procedures. The device is a handheld, sterile blunt dissection device. The device’s battery-powered light source is used to navigate soft tissue for identification of the tip location around anatomic structures.

Navigate Complex Anatomies With Single-Handed Control
The ergonomic, multi-link feature of the Navigator Tissue Dissector allows more control and flexibility with single-handed operation. Traverse a tight curve or straighten out to 0° with the roll of your thumb. Enhanced features facilitate new, easier techniques with more efficient dissection in hard to reach areas.

Enhanced Features for Better Control
The Navigator Tissue Dissector’s multi-link design provides sensitive tactile feedback and enhanced features provide better control:

  • In-line wheel motion allows the surgeon to feel the tip’s rotation while controlling the wheel. Thumb lock stabilizes the curve of the tip.
  • Synchronized radius control graphics show the tip angle for efficient dissection in difficult areas.
  • Finger-like curve of the distal tip feels like an extension of the surgeon’s hand.
  • Ergonomically designed handle accommodates to surgeon’s preferred grip.
  • Lighted tip with on/off switch optimizes visibility and manages glare.
  • Integrated guidewire system connects the Navigator device with a soft guide for easier device positioning.

Important Safety Information

Using excessive force when articulating may damage the distal links and/or cause unintended tissue damage.