Profile 3D

Annuloplasty System

Profile 3D

The Profile 3D® Annuloplasty Ring is a fully rigid remodeling ring with a physiologic mitral valve shape. It can be used to treat functional mitral valve diseases, such as ischemic mitral regurgitation and dilated cardiomyopathy.


A Fully Rigid Remodeling Ring With a Physiologic Mitral Valve Shape

The Profile 3D® Annuloplasty Ring offers the following benefits:

  • Based on the annular geometry of normal human mitral annuli, the saddle-shaped ring may reduce leaflet stress and increase mitral valve durability.1,2
  • Leaflet stress can be related to saddle height, which could affect long-term durability of mitral valve annuloplasty repair. Studies have found that the asymmetric saddle shape with an annular height to commissural width ratio (AHCWR) of 15-25% has the minimal peak leaflet stress.1

Important Safety Information

  • Only physicians who have received proper training should use this device.
  • Adverse events can include: thromboembolic events, dehiscence, hemolysis, stenosis, residual incompetence, heart block, endocarditis, systolic anterior motion, left ventricular outflow tract obstruction, anticoagulant-related bleeding or hemorrhage.
  • For additional information please refer to the Instructions for Use provided with the product or contact your local Medtronic representative.

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