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Nerve Monitoring Systems

NIM Nerve Monitoring Systems

Intraoperative NIM nerve monitoring systems enable surgeons to identify, confirm, and monitor motor nerve function to help reduce the risk of nerve damage during various procedures, including ENT and general surgeries.

NIM-Response System for ENT Surgery

NIM-Response 3.0 for ENT surgery

NIM 3.0 Nerve Monitors

Based on more than 20 years of experience, the NIM-Response® 3.0 and NIM-Neuro® 3.0 offer advanced nerve monitoring technology with an easy-to-use interface. NIM® systems monitor EMG activity from multiple muscles. If there is a change in nerve function, the NIM system may provide audible and visual warnings to help reduce the risk of nerve damage.

Our NIM 3.0 systems feature an intuitive touchscreen, three simple user modes, and default or custom settings. They also offer:

NIM-Neuro System for Neurotology Procedures

NIM-Neuro 3.0 for neurotology

  • Monitoring during bipolar cautery
  • Artifact detection software
  • Stim Bur integration for the Visao® Drill
  • Real-time continuous monitoring with the APS® Electrode
  • Control from the surgical field
  • Multiple USB ports for easy documentation 

Choose Your Nerve Monitoring System

NIM-Response 3.0

  • Monitors up to four channels of nerve-muscle combinations at a time
  • Frequently used in ENT surgery, skull-based, and head and neck procedures

NIM-Neuro 3.0

  • Monitors up to eight channels of nerve-muscle combinations
  • Typically used during complex and delicate surgeries, such as glomus or acoustic tumor removals
  • Microscope overlay imports the NIM signal through select high-end microscopes as the surgeon operates

Ongoing Service and Support

Upon installation of our NIM Nerve Monitoring System, we provide thorough on-site training for you and your staff, as well as ongoing service and training as needed – including a dedicated NIM HelpLine.

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How It Works

How It Works

NIM System Detecting EMG Event

Our NIM® Nerve Monitoring System is an electromyographic (EMG) monitor for intraoperative use during various surgeries, including ENT and general surgical procedures in which a nerve may be at risk due to unintentional manipulation. NIM nerve monitoring electrodes are placed in the appropriate muscle locations in the patient for the procedure being performed. (Color-coded placement guides are included in the NIM software.)

These electrodes are connected to the NIM Nerve Monitoring System, which continuously monitors EMG activity from muscles innervated by the affected nerve. When a particular nerve has been activated or stimulated, the NIM System warns the surgeon and operating room staff, providing both visual alerts on the color touchscreen monitor and audio feedback to help minimize trauma to the nerve.

Surgeons can use monopolar and bipolar stimulating probes and dissection instruments with the NIM Nerve Monitoring System to assist in early nerve identification and confirmation. These tools may be used to locate, identify, and map the particular nerve and branches, as well as verify nerve function and integrity.

By combining sophisticated hardware electronics and intuitive software, our NIM Nerve Monitoring Systems help surgeons perform critical procedures while preserving nerve function and improving patient safety.

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