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Vertex Select

Reconstruction System

Vertex Select Reconstruction System

A comprehensive posterior occipitocervical-upper thoracic reconstruction system for spinal instability

Adjustability. Flexibility. Adaptability.

The Vertex® Reconstruction System consists of a variety of shapes and sizes of plates, rods, hooks, screws, multi-axial screws, and connecting components, which can be rigidly locked to the rod in a variety of configurations, with each construct being tailor-made for the individual case.

The surgical components that comprise the Vertex Select Reconstruction System provide surgeons with adjustability, flexibility, and adaptability to meet the anatomical challenges of the occipitocervical and upper thoracic spine.

Occipitocervical Module

Occipitocervical Module

The Vertex Select Occipitocervical Module contains implants and an instrument set for procedures that require the base of the skull (occiput) to be fused, or joined, to the neck (cervical-upper thoracic spine).

Note: For the Occipitocervical (OC) Adjustable plate, place at least 4 screws.


Posted Screw Module

The Vertex Select Posted Screw Module includes headless, posted screws and adjustable connectors for procedures requiring fixation in the upper-thoracic spine.

These components allow for and enable connection from any direction, any angle, and any height. The connectors allow for variable rod and screw angles, and also rotate around the rod.

Note: The use of Posted Screws is limited to placement in T1-T3


Along with the benefits of this technology, there are also potential risks. Risks associated with the Vertex Select Reconstruction System include, but are not limited to: disassembly, bending, and/or breakage of any or all of the components, pressure on the skin from the component parts which could cause skin penetration, irritation, and/or pain, tissue or nerve damage, and/or scar formation.

For complete information regarding indications for use, warnings, precautions, adverse events, and methods of use, please reference the package insert and instructions for use, and the Indications, Safety, and Warnings link.