CRT Features

Heart Failure Management

Intrinsic ATP™ (iATP) Algorithm

The only automated and smart ventricular antitachycardia pacing (ATP) algorithm.

TriageHF™ Technology

Automatically identify patients at the highest risk of heart failure decompensation.

BlueSync™ Technology

Reimagine the experience from implant through long-term patient management.

AdaptivCRT™ Algorithm

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Cobalt XT HF Quad CRT-D with leads

Reactive ATP™ Algorithm

Reduce atrial fibrillation duration in your pacemaker, dual chamber ICD, and CRT device patients.

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EffectivCRT™ Diagnostic

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EffectivCRT™ During AF Algorithm

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Attain Stability Quad LV lead on a light blue background

Attain Stability™ Quad MRI SureScan™ Active Fixation LV Lead

1.5T and 3T MRI Access

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SmartShock™ 2.0 Technology

We've made efforts to reduce the occurrence of inappropriate shocks in ICD and CRT-D patients.

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Percepta Quad CRT-P on a light blue background

PhysioCurve™ Design

Designed with patient comfort in mind.

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OptiVol™ 2.0 Fluid Status Monitoring

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