Transforming healthcare and delivering value for a decade


Medtronic Integrated Health Solutions (IHS) is celebrating its 10th anniversary 

Over the past 10 years, Integrated Health Solutions (IHS) has partnered with more than 200 hospitals in 27 countries, transforming the way care is delivered. During this time, we have partnered with health care providers to help them shape their transformation journey, improve efficiency and outcomes, increase patient and staff satisfaction, and enable them to meet the growing challenges of today and tomorrow. 

We'd like to thank our partners for their trust and collaboration over these years. We look forward to continuing our committment to transforming lives and making real impact. 

Our impact in numbers 

We've partnered with hospital management and medical leaders with a shared goal of enhancing efficiency and outcomes, elevating patient and staff satisfaction and optimizing costs. Here are a few examples of the impact we've created for our partners throughout the years: 




Increased capacity by up to    





Reduced length of stay on average by





Increased on-time starts up to   





Average ROI for every $1 spent    



10-Year Partnerships - Paving the way to healthcare excellence

Our long-term partners share how they’re working with IHS teams to tackle their challenges and transform patients' lives.

Maastricht University Medical Center (Netherlands)

During our 10-year partnership with Maastricht University Medical Center (MUMC+), we helped reduce open-heart surgery cancellations by 50%, increase capacity by 70%, and reduce the length of stay for CRT patients by 33%.2



10 years of IHS success stories 

Discover how we have supported hospitals in increasing their efficiency, alleviating capacity gaps, and enabling greater patient access to care.


Duna Medical Center main building

Accessing state-of the-art facilities and technology helps Duna Medical Center serve more patients and provide better care

Read the story of how we helped Duna Medical Centre update and increase their facilities in order to provide better care to more patients. 


Rigshospitalet main building - image

A modernized Cardiolounge for
same-day discharge delivers value for Rigshospitalet

Read about our partnership with Rigshospitalet where we implemented data-driven management systems to enable the hospital to make informed decisions to drive improvements and track value creation. 

Healthcare professional looking at tablet

Increasing daily TAVI capacity through an improved pathway at
St. Antonius


Learn how our Pathway Accelerator solution helped our longtime partner, St. Antonius’ Heart Centre, improve its operations and boost its production.



How we transform healthcare  

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Managing Cath Labs and Operating Rooms

Healthcare professionals in surgical gowns in operating room looking downward 

We improve outcomes and efficiencies with an integrated and modular offer to upgrade infrastructure and equipment, support Cath Lab and OR management and improve operational efficiency.

Optimizing care pathways

Enhancing efficiency

Developing high-performance teams





Connect with one of our experts

We are a team of experienced and highly trained experts who help providers reach their healthcare delivery goals. If you think we can help you, reach out to one of our advisors today for more information on what the Integrated Health Solutions team  can do for your hospital. 









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IHS Maastricht University Case Study, 2022