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Autotransfusion in

autoLog IQTM 
Autotransfusion for spine surgery

The sophisticated technology of autoLog IQ™ differentiates itself from other transfusion systems thanks to its effective Dynamic Cell Salvage that provides simplicity of operation in recovering high-quality washed autologous blood.

The autoLog IQ™ has been developed with the possibility to make automatic micro adjustments during treatment to maximize hematocrit and washout* and minimize waste.

It has a small footprint that can be adapted to all spaces for different types of pre and postoperative use (OR / ICU). Its outstanding 20-micron filtration performance of the blood collection Cardiotomy Reservoir, which separates the blood from the smallest bone splinters and embolic particles, and the 135ml bowl size make it perfect for all orthopedic surgeries.

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Dynamic processing simplicity of operation



Standard wash

Medtronic data on file. 10537321DOC, 10604136DOC, 10577687DOC. Heparin washout and fat removal data is from ‘30%’ inlet hematocrit ‘standard wash’ testing.



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