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Autotransfusion in cardiac

AutoLog IQTM Autotransfusion: a key player in cardiac surgery

Dynamic Cell Salvage technology, Intelligent Blood Sensing and categorically different autotransfusion system – the autoLog IQ™ delivers consistently high-quality washed autologous blood product automatically, cycle per cycle.

Dynamic Cell Salvage combines three components:

  • The Intellipath bowl.
  • Adaptive Two-stage Fill.
  • And the Pulse Wash.

The autoLog IQ™ has unique features that allow an impressive washout performance*. This system removes more than 95% of all contaminants including; in standard mode up to 99% of fatty acids, contributing to a risk reduction of fat embolisms, and to return low level of white cells and PFH Plasma-free Hemoglobin. This significantly decreases the complement activation and inflammatory response of the treated patients.

This Dynamic process is proven to recover high-quality blood, fast.

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Functional integration with quantum workstation



Standard wash

Medtronic data on file. 10537321DOC, 1060413DOC, 10577687DOC. Heparin washout and fat removal data is from ‘30%’ inlet hematocrit ‘standard wash’ testing.



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