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Sherpa NX

Guide Catheter


Consistent, Durable Performance

Let Sherpa NX™ catheters be your guide. Sherpa NX coronary guide catheters offer the flexibility, control, and support to guide you through challenging percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI), and feature:

  • A variety of curve shapes
  • Support for transradial and femoral approach

Product Details*

Full-Wall technology is a shaft construction process that optimizes the balance between a large lumen and robust performance — offering excellent torque resistance and curve retention. The encapsulated flat wire braid enables thinner, robust walls without compromising support or retention.

  1. More polymer
  2. Encapsulated braid wire 
  3. Inner jacket
  4. Flat braid wire
  5. Outer jacket 
Coronary guide catheters diagram
Coronary guide catheters cutaway

Sherpa NX Guide Catheters Offer:

  • Soft tip and distal sleeve for manipulation
  • Advanced HDPE liner for smooth, low-friction device passage
  • Supportive secondary curve for increased backup support and enhanced curve retention
  • Support for radial and femoral approaches

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