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Patients and lesions can be complex, increasing the burden on your practice. Medtronic is committed to advancing clinical data to provide the insights you may need for your patients. Even better, clinical data evaluating Resolute Onyx™ DES also applies to Onyx Frontier™ DES.

1-month DAPT in HBR patients

Resolute Onyx™ DES was shown to be safe and effective in complex, real-world, high bleeding risk (HBR) patients.1,2
Onyx ONE Global Trial
  • First randomised, 1-month DAPT trial comparing a DES to a DES in HBR patients.
  • Showed Resolute Onyx™ DES was safe and effective at one year.1
  • Final two-year results confirmed safety and efficacy.2
  • Based on the trial, Resolute Onyx™ was the first DES with approved indication for 1-month DAPT in HBR patients.

Onyx ONE Global Trial results
Published by The New England Journal of Medicine

Onyx ONE Clear Analysis
  • Prospective, multicentre, single-arm analysis that evaluated Resolute Onyx™ DES in ~1,500 HBR patients on 1-month DAPT.
  • Reinforced safety and efficacy results from the Onyx ONE Global Trial.3
  • Based on this analysis, Resolute Onyx™ was the first DES approved by the FDA for HBR patients and labeled for 1-month DAPT.4

Onyx ONE Clear Analysis
Published by Circulation: Cardiovascular Interventions

Complex patient population

Onyx ONE Global Trial
  • 1,003 Resolute Onyx™ DES patients studied
  • 53% ACS patients included
  • 33% AF patients included
  • 39% diabetic patients included
  • 80% B2/C lesions
  • 38 mm average stented length
  • 46% moderate/severe calcified lesions
Onyx ONE Clear Analysis
  • 1,506 Resolute Onyx™ DES patients studied
  • 49% ACS patients included
  • 36% AF patients included
  • 39% diabetic patients included
  • 79% B2/C lesions
  • 37 mm average stented length
  • 50% moderate/severe calcified lesions

Left main PCI

The Medtronic DES extra-large platform was specifically designed to treat larger coronary vessel sizes, and their ability to expand to 6.0 mm makes them ideal for clinical research.

ROLEX Registry

Largest prospective study on left main (LM) PCI with a DES that has a dedicated extra-large stent platform (N = 450)

Low 5.1% TLF, 2.0% TLR, and 1.1% ST at one year5

Bar chart showing the event rates at one year from the ROLEX registry.

Complex patient population

  • 59% multivessel disease
  • 53% acute coronary syndrome
  • 30% diabetic
Resolute Onyx™ DES was safe and effective in complex, left main PCI with 99% device success.5


First randomised trial based on European Bifurcation Club (EBC) consensus, comparing a provisional to a planned, dual-stent strategy, LM bifurcation PCI (N = 467)

Resolute Onyx™ DES demonstrated excellent outcomes at one year6

Bar chart showing the event rates at one year from the EBC Main trial
Resolute Onyx™ is the only DES with randomised data supporting provisional and dual-stent strategies in LM bifurcation PCI.6
  • Primary endpoint (death, MI, TLR) showed numerically fewer serious adverse events in the provisional arm (14.7%) versus the dual-stent arm (17.7%).
  • Provisional arm showed significantly shorter procedure duration and fluoroscopy time.


The Medtronic DES small-vessel platform starts at 2.00 mm, and its exceptional deliverability helps reach distal, highly occluded, small vessels.7  


Single-arm prospective registry studying Resolute Onyx™ DES in small-vessel PCI (N = 302)

Complex patient population

  • 65% acute coronary syndrome
  • 39% diabetic

0% stent thrombosis and low rate of CD-TLR at one year8

Bar chart showing the event rates at one year in the DISCO-9 study

Resolute Onyx™ DES was safe and effective in complex, small coronary vessels.8


Medtronic DES have shown outstanding safety and efficacy in a complex, real-world patient population.9

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Resolute Onyx DES received CE mark approval for 1-month DAPT in HBR patients in 2020.



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Based on bench test data on file at Medtronic (method 10036340DOC). May not be indicative of clinical performance. Minimum of N=10 of each DES tested: Resolute Onyx DES, Orsiro DES, XIENCE Alpine™* DES, SYNERGY™* DES, Ultimaster™* DES.


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