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Onyx ONE Global Trial

  • First randomised, 1-month DAPT trial comparing a DES to a DES in HBR patients
  • Showed Resolute Onyx DES was safe and effective at one year1
  • Final two-year results confirmed safety and efficacy2
  • Based on the trial, Resolute Onyx was the first DES CE-indicated for 1-month DAPT in HBR patients

Onyx ONE Clear Analysis

  • Prospective, multicentre, single-arm analysis that evaluated Resolute Onyx DES in ~1500 HBR patients on 1-month DAPT
  • Reinforced safety and efficacy results from the Onyx ONE Global Trial3
  • Based on this analysis, Resolute Onyx was the first DES FDA-indicated for HBR patients and labeled for 1-month DAPT4

Real-world patient population

Seven statistics used to highlight the real-world population of the Onyx ONE global trial and the Onyx ONE clear analysis


Onyx ONE Global Trial results

  • At one year: primary endpoint met with Resolute Onyx DES (17.1%) noninferior to BioFreedom™* DCS (16.9%) for cardiac death (CD), myocardial infarction (MI), and stent thrombosis (ST)1
  • Final two-year follow-up: Safety and efficacy maintained with Resolute Onyx DES (21.3%) noninferior to BioFreedom DCS (20.7%)2

Onyx ONE Global Trial results
Published by The New England Journal of Medicine

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Onyx ONE Clear Analysis results

Evaluated 752 HBR patients in the U.S. and Japan from the single-arm analysis, pooled with similar Resolute Onyx DES patients from the Onyx ONE Global Trial who were clear of events after 1-month DAPT.

  • Resulted in an analysis of ~1500 HBR patients on 1-month DAPT
  • Primary endpoint results: 7.0% cardiac death or myocardial infarction at one year, beating the performance goal of 9.7%3

Onyx ONE Clear Analysis
Published by Circulation: Cardiovascular Interventions

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Resolute Onyx DES received CE mark approval for 1-month DAPT in HBR patients in 2020.



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Windecker S, et al. Final Two-Year Results from the Randomized Onyx ONE Trial in High Bleeding Risk Patients Treated with 1-month DAPT. Presented at ACC 2021.


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