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Spinal cord stimulation

Patient stories

Break the pattern of chronic pain

Watch stories from people who are using spinal cord stimulation (SCS) to manage chronic pain. 

Tammy’s story

“The time that I'm able to spend with my grandchildren doing activities — I'm very grateful to have that back in my life.”

Bryan’s story

“Having the stimulator has relieved the burden from my mind of constantly having to worry about my pain.

Sonia’s story

“[SCS therapy] gave me the opportunity to rediscover me. And to me that was the most important and the best gift that this device could have ever given me.”

Nicole’s story

“I'm able to be the mom that I want to be for my kids and I'm able to be the wife I want to be for my husband. Now that my pain is under control, I'm running again.”

Every patient experience is unique.  Not everyone who receives Medtronic neurostimulation therapy will experience the same results.

Medical disclaimer

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