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Spinal cord stimulation
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Break the pattern of chronic pain

Learn more about rechargeable and non-rechargeable spinal cord stimulation (SCS) systems.

Choose the system that’s right for you

Medtronic offers rechargeable and non-rechargeable SCS systems.
Your doctor will help you decide which system is right for you.


Vanta™ neurostimulator


Rechargeable SCS systems

  • Battery needs to be recharged regularly
  • Battery may last up to nine years before needing to be replaced
  • Includes Intellis™ SCS devices
Front view of the Medtronic Intellis device with AdaptiveStim technology, used for spinal cord stimulation therapy

Take control with solutions designed for real life

The Intellis™ SCS system provides convenient recharging, making it an easy part of your daily routine. 

Intellis™ platform key features

  • 9 Year Warranty on the Intellis Internal Neurostimulator (INS)*
  • World’s Smallest SCS neurostimulator implant1
  • Full-body MRI Access anywhere on your body*
  • AdaptiveStim™ Technology automatically adjusts the therapy as you move1

Intellis™ platform benefits

  • Discrete Trialing System that lets you try SCS therapy before committing
  • Fast Recharging from empty to full in approx. 1 hour2 – making recharging easy and part of your daily routine
  • Convenient Wireless Therapy Programmer and Recharging System works with your life and lets you conveniently recharge without being plugged into a wall
  • More than 95% Battery Capacity at 9 years, independent of therapy parameters or recharge preferences2

Fast, convenient recharging

“Recharging for me is very simple. I put the belt on, I just plug in the recharger to the programmer, and away I go. I can sit down while I do it, I can stand up, I can walk around, I can do whatever I need to do.”


Non-rechargeable SCS systems

  • Battery does not need to be recharged
  • Battery life depends on device settings and stimulation levels
  • Includes Vanta™ SCS devices
Front view of the Medtronic Intellis device with AdaptiveStim technology, used for spinal cord stimulation therapy

An effective way to manage chronic pain

A recharge-free neurostimulator provides you with spinal cord stimulation (SCS) therapy without having to recharge your implanted neurostimulator. The battery life of your device will depend on settings, stimulation levels, and how often you use your therapy. Your doctor will be able to help you determine if a recharge-free system is right for you.

The Vanta™ neurostimulator is a recharge-free SCS system with multiple stimulation settings for pain relief tailored to your needs. 

Your clinician may choose to use a technology feature called AdaptivStim™, which senses changes in your body position and automatically adjusts pain relief accordingly.

The sleek, small device is designed for enhanced comfort and safe access to MRI scans anywhere on the body,* giving you the confidence of knowing you can have an MRI whenever the need arises. 

Product comparison

Options to suit
your needs
Rechargeable SCS
Non-rechargeable SCS
Personalized pain relief
Access to MRI anywhere on the body
Small, comfortable device size
Access to network of Medtronic Support
Industry-leading battery longevity Up to 9 years** Variable, based on programming*
Fast battery recharge n/a
Recharge-free convenience n/a

*Recharge-free devices are parameter dependent, and longevity can vary depending on settings. Vanta™ SCS can last up to 11 years.3

**For more information on our 9-year warranty of the neurostimulator, contact


MR-Conditional Icon Under specific conditions. Talk to your doctor and refer to product labeling for full list of conditions.


Intellis™ Instructions For Use


R131649 RS2 Lithium-Ion Overdrive™ Rechargeable Battery DVT Report


The INS shall provide a minimum service life of 11 years from Beginning of Service to End of Service (EOS) for a bipolar single program with one bipolar electrode pair and stimulation settings of 1.6mA, 60μs, 130 Hz, and 550 ohms per electrode (resultant therapy power of 40μW). 977006 Vanta Implant Manual M998494A001 Rev C.