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Will my payers cover spinal cord stimulation therapy?

Many payers cover the cost of spinal cord stimulation (SCS). However, as with many pain treatments, your doctor will need approval from your payers before you can receive treatment. Talk with your doctor or payers to find out what your coverage includes. Most workers’ compensation carriers cover neurostimulators if approved before treatment.

Will the implanted device give me the same pain relief as the trial?

Will the device completely eliminate my chronic pain?

Can I control the stimulation?

Can I travel or move to another part of the country?

Can I receive an MRI* scan?

Will I need another surgery to replace the SCS neurostimulator?

Why do I need a psychological evaluation before an SCS procedure?

FAQ for implanted patients


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Can I receive an MRI* scan?

Approximately 82% of patients implanted with an SCS will need an MRI within five years to diagnose an unrelated condition. Medtronic SureScan™ MRI Technology allows patients to have access to MRI scans anywhere on the body.*

What do I need to know about screening devices found at airports?

How can I get in touch with the Medtronic representative?

How can I update my contact information?

How often should I charge my implant and how long should it take?

What should I do if the controller screen is blank?

What happens if I don’t charge my implant battery?

Where can I go to find the meaning of the messages/codes on my screen?

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